Web Development

This web site is a prime example of our web development work.  Some of the web languages that we support are ASP.Net (with C#, Java Script or VB Script), HTML with Java Script, PHP and XML.

ASP. Net is normally paired with Access or SQL Server databases.

HTML with or with out Java Script is extremely good at displaying information and graphics and normally does not integrate with databases.

PHP is an extremely fast running programming language and is normally used with the database MySQL.  PHP can be used with Linux, Unix or Windows web servers.  This means that besides being cross browser compatible, PHP is also cross server compatible.

Bootstrap and ReactJS are responsive web design frameworks that help your websites adjust to any screen size without losing readability.

Bootstrap menu systems collapse on small screens while still allowing users to access the collapsed menu system with the icon that usually looks like a sandwich.

Having the ability to collapse text boxes and labels means that your web based forms December be filled out on literally any screen size.

Letting web design frameworks like Bootstrap or ReactJS control your image sizing and margins around all your web content and margins around all page objects means that your work should always be correctly centered and sized on all screens.


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About Our Company:   Some of the languages and database packages we specialize in using include ASP.Net, C, C#, Delphi, Microsoft Office products, MySQL, PHP, SQL Server, Visual Basic.Net, Crystal Reports, Magento, SharePoint, WordPress and Visual FoxPro.