Our accounting software was founded in 1994 as we started getting requests to write stand alone accounting modules for small businesses. 

Our initial accounting software was written in dBase IV and since then it has been migrated to Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Visual Basic and currently is being written in Microsoft Visual Basic.Net 2013 and C#.Net with Crystal Reports. 

The current version is fairly large and should be easy for almost any industry to download and use.  Besides being generic accounting software that should be usable by anyone our accounting software also focuses on specific industries such as construction, hospitality, manufacturing and real estate.

This accounting program was written to clearly and concisely keep track of all business transactions.  The main features that this program offers which other accounting programs may or may not offer includes: user-friendliness, computer graphic enhancements and an extremely large job costing program.  Sitemap










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thru August 2023

About Our Company:   Some of the languages and database packages we specialize in using include ASP.Net, C, C#, Delphi, Microsoft Office products, MySQL, PHP, SQL Server, Visual Basic.Net, Crystal Reports, Magento, SharePoint, WordPress and Visual FoxPro.